Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It is not the first time racist or insensitive comment has been made to the Chinese. I remember back in high school, I would find racist or stereotyping comments in some of the biggest magazines and publications like the Time magazine. I even wrote a letter of complaint to Time. American media is sensitive, respectful and careful in talking about race only when it is referring to African American, Latin American and the likes. Asian, especially Chinese, are stereotyped,

For some strange unknown reason, it seems that China has become America’s #1 public enemy. And why is that? Because it is a communist-capitalist country? Because it is not a democratic country? (Saudi Arabia) Because the US has a huge trade deficit with China? (The US has lopsided trade deficit with almost every major economy like Japan and the EU) Because China has weapon of mass destruction (WMD) and threaten our national security? China’s human rights record? If you look at it, each of these explanation is ridiculous. The last one can be the most legitimate reason, but I cannot help but look at US’ own history of human right record and some of US’ friends who have horrific human rights record to which US has turn a blind eye to. The US media is definitely bias, one publication quoted that “China execute the most people per year.” On first thought, most would think, “Gosh, China is killing so many people.” But then, I thought a little about it and it’s not really such a surprise, China is the largest nation on earth in term of population. It has over one-fifth of the world’s population. It is very reasonable and logical that it “should” have the highest number of people executed by law. I believe that US would probably be in the top 10 with 5% of the world’s population and be at the top of all developed democratic countries. And if we were talking about death caused, US would also be at the top of the list with the numerous military operations during the Cold War (for example, like sponsoring Saddam Hussein and Osama Ben Ladin, Vietnam War, Afghanistan and Iraq. China was never a threat; it never tried to attack the US. China has only been a sizable economic player for 2 decades or so after almost 200 years of turmoil much to the credit of foreign invasion by European powers, US and Japan. Is the US media making China public enemy #1 because US needs a scapegoat for its economic troubles? Can we really blame the subprime mortgage crisis on the Chinese (the Chinese government, Hong Kong Chinese, Taiwanese Chinese, Chinese-Americans, Chinese-Australians, South African Chinese and etc…)? Can we really blame China for being a poorer country with large labour resource and a much lower standard of living that can have people live on US$2 a day so that Americans can buy cheap stuff from? Can we blame China for the American auto industry’s inability to compete with foreign automakers like Toyota? Can we blame China for US government subsidies for the timber industry and the likes that encourage trade deficit? Can we really blame China or the undervalued RMB for our economic troubles? The Japanese Yen is undervalued too (for almost a decade) and I don’t hear anybody complaining about it. Why is that?

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