Monday, May 12, 2008


one summer in hong kong, i got a summer job as a valet at a hotel for almost two months.

i was in hong kong for one of those summer when i was in high school and usually my summer in hong kong were somewhat boring and nothing more than visiting relatives and shopping. it got so boring at times that we complained the movies were coming onto theaters fast enough, but that summer my family was eating with a family friend and somehow the topic of me being bored and wanting to find something to do popped up and this auntie, who worked for this company knew of an opening at a hotel. that sounded cool at the time and so i said i was interested. she called me later and told me what the job was. the pay wasn't big but it sounded like a lot back then when i was in high school and had not earned a cent yet. and it was in Hong Kong dollar so it sounded like a lot. it was something boring but i was a bit adventurous and was curious about working a job and earning morning. and i figured that i had nothing to lose, and that it is better to be paid doing a boring job than being bore without being paid.

it just happened that a worker at the hotel got some emergency, i found later it was an accident and they needed to find someone quick to fill the spot temporarily. it felt like a job for me. my job was simple enough and i actually had to go into an interview too and i dressed myself up, even bought new shirt for the interview in which a manager and another person interviewed me. it was really nothing, only for formality. my auntie told me to be polite and respectful and i did.

my job was to stay in the men's room for like 9 hours from morning till just before dinner time. it was a really laid back job. come to think of it, the pay wasn't good, but i figured that i was basically getting paid to do very little and i basically get to spend all that i earned because i had no responsibility. i was aiming to by a MD player. It was the popular thing back then before iPod.

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