Sunday, June 1, 2008

post-modern world

When I look at the world I am living in, I see a world where principles, laws, values and definitions are being reinterpreted. Actually, the more suitable wording would be 'a collapse' of principles.

We live in a world where principles, what's right and wrong, are being blurred. Simple principles of yesterday are being turned into complicated debate. What used to be black or white are now smeared in gray.

Post-modernism means that there is no absolute truth. It takes apart the logic thinking of modernism and holds that truth is only relevant to the eyes of the beholder. Whatever you think is your truth is true and no one can take that away from you. For example, person A sees a door and he views it and calls it 'birdman', then it must be accepted by others that person A consider that door 'birdman' even if it doesn't make sense (according to what we considered 'logic'). People can have their own logical system as long as it make sense to an individual or a group.

If a group of people consider hurting other people as a sport, and not cruelty, then the rest of the community must accept that even if they think otherwise.

Post-modernism doesn't make to much sense, but that's what happening right now.

To me, post-modernism is a losing philosophy. It disregard logic and anything system of thoughts that human beings have developed over the centuries, and basically gives up on the pursuit of truth and morality.

What used to be absolute are now being questioned. Just several weeks ago, the supreme court of California in US made the decision that granted the right to marriage to homosexuals. The Californian supreme court made the controversial arguing that 'marriage' is a fundamental right grained by the US Constitution. However, around 60% of Californians disagree with the decision and it was only a few years ago when a ballot was casted by Californians to rule that the definition of marriage is only between a 'man and a woman'. Here is the definition of 'marriage' according to the Oxford dictionary:


noun 1 the formal union of a man and a woman, by which they become husband and wife. 2 a combination of two or more elements.

This is just one case of many.

NY Times Report

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