Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I was thinking of my friend who just graduated from medical school from Scotland, and I was like, whoa, it was only like a few days ago that he told me that he was going to become a doctor. He went to university a year before me and that was actually over 6 years ago. He just started shadowing, or what American medical school would call, "residency," today.

When I think of medical school, I think of the 5-7 years of study and residency after undergraduate education. That's up to 11 years of school to become a medical doctor. That's frightening to me. Same with pharmacy, dentistry and some other graduate schools. Of course, the American system is more time consuming and rigorous, but still, over 6 years just went by.

But I think it was a very fulfilling time for him. God blessed him and it seemed that many things went well for him in the past 6 years or so. He finished his degrees, found a girlfriend and will soon marry her in less than a month (I think they dated a for a year and went on honeymoon already) and he kept his spiritual life intact, serving God at church.

I wonder if ever I would be as blessed. Have everything go so well as if the pieces were finally coming together. I am still finding my pieces, trying to put something together. If six years could do that, then it was definitely worth it.

He is considered to be young marrying in this day and age at 25. Another friend of mine is marrying on the same month, and he's 2 years my junior. 23 I guess. Very young. What was I doing when I was 23? I just graduated and was wondering what to do with my life and I ended up here after 2 years.

You can't really make comparison, I could not do what they are doing. But I am somewhat envy about them, at the least, finding that special someone to live their whole live with for the rest of their earthling days. That's pretty incredible to me. That's something to worth celebrating about.

Or you can be this Russian man who call himself Jesus

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