Monday, July 7, 2008


I had McDonald's for dinner tonight.

Sounds bad right? Especially in Hong Kong but not really. I enjoyed it. Yes, I didn't feel good about making more plastic trash but it was good. Food was good. I had a salad with 4 pieces of Chicken McNuggets and a paper cup of water. McDonald's is the best place to get an affordable and reasonably priced salad and American burger (Big n Tasty).

I haven't ate Chicken McNuggets for a long time because it doesn't feel me up anymore and it's a bit costly on the dollar per pound of food. But I opted for it this time around with the salad. The Chicken McNuggets looked smaller than I remember them. Is it because of inflation or the bargain price of McNuggets at HK$8 for 4 pieces (about US$1)? Anyway, the old taste and the sweet n sour sauce was still there and it brought be back to primary 1 when my mom used to take me to the local McDonald's for lunch every now and then after school.

McNugget was the only thing I ate in additional to french fries for a very long time, 3 years. I doesn't sound too long of a period now but when you were a kid, 3 years was a very long time. Unlike now, when you were a kid, every year was a big deal.

You might not realize it, but compare to a lot of little eateries, noodle shops and 'tea restaurants' in Hong Kong, Mc Donald's is a pretty good place to eat at. I am not talking about the taste, I am talking about the environment. Mc Donald's here might be small but they guarantee a clean, brightly lit environment with satisfaction customer service with trained staff who basically get all you want and say 'thank you' when you leave. It's a more relaxing eating environment than a lot of other tiny eateries with hot noodle soups flying around here and there, tea spilling all over the place and Ah Jei and Ah Sok yelling out orders allow.

As I was leaving, a little girl was smiling at her mother who was carrying a tray with two sundaes, a chocolate and a strawberry sundaes. The little girl, who was around 5-7 had a perfectly happy and satisfying look on her face, clapping her hands at her mother.

I put the Marie magazine back in to the magazine stand (I was reading about the new Tony Leung movie with Lam Chiling directed by John Woo).

"Thank you."

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